Pro Ionic Camo Green Bracelet

Pro Ionic Camo Green Bracelet


  • Pro IONIC by PBE has an embedded Magnet inside the band incorporating the power of magnets along side the power of ions! (Magnet + Ions!, our first band to offer both!) over 3500cc+ ION’s Making this one of the Worlds Most Powerful ION Bracelets! Ionic Health Wristband Negative Ion infused Bracelet / Negative ION / Tourmaline, Titanium & Germanium Infused Silicone. Far Infrared + Alpha Waves
  • Suitable for wrist sizes from: 16.5cm – 23cm. Chunky design. Durable Medical Grade Silicone Wristband Infused with a blend of minerals which produces a Negative Magnetic ion charge (3500cc+ Count) Embedded in the band is one of our powerful magnets (Magnets + ions!)
  • Adjustable Custom ‘One Size Fits All’ Design Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel Buckle – The Dimensions of the PRO IONIC Band Can Be Found By Viewing The Images.
  • Magnets has been used for centuries by humans and animals to aid healing, alleviate pain, improve circulation and help with many other conditions including arthritis, sports injuries, poor circulation, high blood pressure, skin complaints, fatigue syndrome and general aches and pains.
  • We are the only company of our type in the world that does not shy away from being subjected to the strict test criteria of FDA. All our exclusive bracelets have been tested by FDA and been found to be 100% free from highly carcinogenic plasticisers. The magnetic strength of our innovative and world-wide strongest magnets/IONS has also been certified by FDA & SGS.

What are PRO BALANCE ENERGY Bracelets?

All Pro Balance Energy® bracelets are made Surgical stainless Steel and a Durable Medical Grade Silicone which are Infused with a blend of minerals Tourmaline, Titanium, Germanium and is infused with a Negative ion charge (1500cc – 5000cc). Some of bands also have  embedded within the silicone one of our powerful magnets. Some models even have both! (Magnet + Ions)

Ion Wristbands:

Pro Balance Energy – Pro Ion 5000 – 5000+cc Ions

Pro Balance Energy – Life-Strength – 1500cc Ions

Pro Balance Energy – Ion Booster – 2000cc Ions

Pro Balance Energy – Pure-Strength – 2500cc Ions

Pro Balance Energy – Pure-Strength Extra – 3000cc Ions


Magnetic Wristbands:

Pro Balance Energy – Magnetic Field


Dual Wristbands with Ions & Magnets:

Pro Balance Energy – Pro Ionic (Magnet + Ions 3500cc)

Pro Balance Energy – Dual Loop (Magnet + Ions 1500cc)

Pro Balance Energy – Energized (Magnet + Ions 1500cc)


How Many Negative Ions?

Pro Balance Energy bracelets range from 1500-5000+ negative Ions arguably the highest output of any


Who can wear a PRO BALANCE ENERGY Bracelet?

Anyone can wear an Infinity Pro Power Band from the very young to old from sportspeople to the infirm and less active. Anyone can feel the benefit! sports ambassadors reviews HERE!!

*WARNING* As with all magnetic products these should not be worn by anyone fitted with a heart pacemaker or other implant that could be affected by a strong magnetic force.


Why should I buy a PRO BALANCE ENERGY product?

Why not read our 5 star reviews here…

We are a UK based company with a massive following and top sports people promoting our brand

D is fast and FREE plus we accept all major debit and credit cards through our secure payment processor.

What will an ion/magnetic band help me with?


All holistic companies selling medical devices including Ion and magnetic based ones like ours have to adhere to strict advertising guidelines so we are not allowed to make any health claims regarding pro balance energy products but there are hundreds of 5 star reviews HERE of all our products so why not have a look and see what our satisfied customers say!!

Magnetic jewellery is prescribed by some doctors worldwide and in the UK as a complimentary aid to traditional medicine.

Pro Ionic One size fits all

Suitable for wrist sizes from: 16.5cm – 23cm.

Try it for yourself with a balance test

(Balance Test requires purchase but with our 30 Day Results Guarantee if you are not happy you can return for a refund or replacement)

  1. Stand on one leg with your arms our and your palms facing up. Have a second person push down on your wrist with enough force to knock you off balance.
  2. Repeat the exercise whilst now wearing a PBE Band anywhere on your body.
  3. Most individuals will feel an immediate increase in strength and balance allowing you to maintain your balance for longer.
  4. Remove the band and repeat the test to eliminate the possibility of the results being caused by muscle memory.


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